Business Development

Coast to Coast Strategies offers strategic-political and community focused approach to civic involvement and business development. We provide corporate clients, their executives a strategic approach to business development utilizing additional tools to maximize their efforts at every level.

We serve as a sounding board and provide strategic intelligence to executives, help identify business opportunities while providing supplemental support to your government relations professionals, coordinate various community based efforts and foundation giving to maximize the value and benefit to the corporation and its targeted community.

Although our approach is bi-partisan, we have a unique competitive advantage on the “center-right” side of politics, dealing with international, federal, state and grassroots groups.

Through our extensive network of corporate and political contacts around the globe, in Washington DC and in the states, Coast to Coast Strategies provides unique access, insights and solutions to the various challenges any corporation may face in any given situation. Our ability to garner resources on a more global perspective allows us to more effectively react and help solve various challenges.

Specifically we provide strategic planning, business development, political intelligence, political risk-assessment and crisis management services. We also recommend networking and utilizing our contacts with the Republican National Committee, Republican Governors Association, National Republican Senatorial Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, Republican Attorney Generals Association and Republican State Legislative Committee among others.

We assist in developing new business opportunities and strategic relationships between businesses and all levels of State and Federal government, NGO’s, political entities as well as international governmental contacts. We work closely with a client’s Governmental Affairs and Public Affairs operations, coordinating and help get results.