Campaigns & Elections

You have devoted many hours to craft the perfect message for your campaign. Now what? We can help you disseminate that perfect message across multiple communication mediums leveraging technology, traditional media, and unconventional media. You benefit from our years of involvement in social media which allows you to achieve max-imum penetration for your campaign to influence conversation and debate. Our many contacts, on both sides of the aisle, allow you opportunities for access and influence that would normally be unavailable.

Today almost every aspect of our lives involves technology. It took the communication medium of radio thirty-eight years to reach an audience of fifty million people. It took tel-evision thirteen. Facebook reached one hundred million users in only nine months. Do you still believe what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Now within twenty-four hours what happened in Vegas is on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter within minutes.

What Does This Mean for Your Campaign? A strong web presence is more essential than ever before. Simply put, Coast to Coast Strategies can help you use new media to win. We can help you create a technology strategy that works, in ALL areas. If you have no idea what any of this means don’t worry, we can walk you through it. Contact us to see how we can leverage technology for your campaign. Coast to Coast Strategies, de-veloping new business opportunities and strategic relationships between businesses and all levels of State and Federal government.

Unlike other consultants, we work with you to achieve your goals and don’t simply provide a laundry list of tasks for you to implement. If you already have new media components in place, no problem. We can work with your existing staff or technology. If you don’t have anything in place and want to start from scratch, even better. We can walk you through the daunting task of building and maintaining a cutting edge new media operation from start to finish.