Case Studies

American Solutions “Card Check” Effort

Newt Gingrich asked Coast to Coast Strategies to put together a national grassroots ef-fort to oppose card check legislation know as EFCA. C2C spearheaded an effort to or-ganize an online campaign in 11 targeted states and develop a national effort to oppose EFCA.

The “Freedom not Fear” campaign generated hundreds of thousands of emails and online posts to raise public opinion about his effort. It targeted specific Senators and their state’s constituencies in opposition to EFCA.

We developed the strategic plan, organized the online effort, coordinated fundraising, implemented an earned media strategy and helped build a coalition against EFCA.


Microsoft’s Campaign Ready

Coast to Coast Strategies was brought on to help launch Microsoft’s Campaign Ready effort. We helped develop a strategic plan and implement that plan nationally. We work with Microsoft’s outside consultants in all 50 states to help them introduce their latest software and “cloud” solutions for government and political organizations.

Campaign Cloud powered by Microsoft was launched in partnership with Election Mall to provide a complete suite of tools for political campaigns. We work with their team to introduce Campaign Cloud to political parties nationwide as well as internationally.

Microsoft’s Town Hall was launched with a national online “town hall” meeting organized by the U.S. House of Representatives. This effort was used to reach out to American citizens and encourage their active participation is setting the House’s agenda for the upcoming legislative session.

We helped develop the various product launch, advertising campaign, sales effort and continuing outreach to the public sector/campaign markets.


National Popular Vote Effort

Coast to Coast Strategies was retained to help put together a plan to reach out to the “center-right” constituencies nationwide. We helped develop a strategic plan, speaker/supporters training, constituency outreach, online effort, media relations and expert witness preparation and implementation to state legislative efforts.

We assisted in building their national team of consultants. We regularly interface with their state lobbyist in over 40 states and provide strategic and politic advise on implementation of various grasstops and grassroots efforts nationally.

We helped developed and implement their overall strategy to enact enabling legislation in various state legislatures around the country. We provide strategic support and supervision of lobbyist and consultant who are tasked with the enactment of a “state compact” is various states. This include the introduction and in some cases education of political, legislative and opinion leaders in states across the country.